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Florida, USA

"I’ve looked at many opportunities and I have never seen one as fair and simple as Modexus. I’m blown away with the ease of making money, as well as the world-class quality of the product line which has vastly improved my health. I am profoundly grateful to Modexus for its positive impact on my life!"


Virginia, USA

"As a CrossFit athlete, artificially flavored, high caffeine drinks were my go-to for early morning workouts. After the initial surge of adrenaline, I was left tired, depleted, and craving more of the same. Thanks to Lift, I have weaned myself from what is artificial and find that Lift delivers the right combination of focus, energy, and stamina which translates into enhanced athletic and workplace performance, I am excited to reach new athletic heights with Lonicera Lift!"


Virginia, USA

"I had been using the same trusted energy product for years and was reluctant to change. When I finally decided to try LONICERA LIFT, I was extremely pleased! My day was so productive, my mood was great, and I had mental clarity without jitters or any type of side effects AT ALL! LIFT is "time management" in a bottle! Thank you Modexus"


Texas, USA

"Thanks to Modexus, I have natural alertness, sharpened focus, and clean energy. Plus, with the regular use of Lonicera Lift and Lonicera Longevity, I finally experienced a significant breakthrough with a longstanding sinus issue. Modexus is genuinely in a class by itself. I highly encourage everyone to try these unique and powerful products to experience them first-hand. There is nothing to lose, and so much to gain!"


New York, USA

"I work in a very toxic environment of fuel bunkering. I’m required to work two-week shifts on the boat, which leaves me feeling stressed. I then spend the two weeks off trying to detox and feel normal again. I was able to try Longevity for a week, and on the very first day, the difference was amazing. My energy was steady, my mind was clear, and I felt vibrant and healthy. I’m convinced of the positive benefits of this product, and I will continue to use it daily to protect my body from the adverse effects of my job."

Hunter & Monica

Virginia, USA

"We are very impressed with the integrity of Lonicera Lift. The mental clarity, focus, and stamina are amazing and noticeable very quickly. The energy drink market needed a clean and effective choice without fillers and unwanted ingredients. We are thrilled to have found Lift!"


Virginia, USA

"Life has been hectic, raising four children, keeping track of our expanding family, and personally fighting off the challenges of lupus all at the same time. I am now in my 50s and enjoying the prime of my life. My success key to balancing my immune system and function is daily replenishing with life-giving nutrients, superfoods, minerals, glutathione, and glutathione enhancing ingredients. Lonicera Longevity offers all of this rolled up into one world-class formula. I love it!"


Virginia, USA

"My profession is extremely fast-paced, and 70 to 80 hour work weeks are not unusual. I must bring my best every day, and Lonicera Longevity helps me be at my best. From mental sharpness, strengthened immunity, and lack of joint discomfort, this product is a must for any professional who wants to get and maintain an edge. Bravo!"


Texas, US

"The Lonicera Brand Products have become staples for my Family’s Health, Wellness, and Nutrition. We find ourselves sleeping better and coping better with Tranquility, enjoying more sustained energy and vitality with Lift, and breathing clearer and less dependent on pharmaceutical pain relief with Longevity. My Dad, at almost 98, has been celebrating his best blood test results in years, and even my elderly rescue pups are benefiting from Longevity, with improved mobility and fewer skin issues. These “Do no harm” products have earned our trust and appreciation."


Georgia, USA

"As a single father of two active teenagers, a full-time career as an automotive and real estate auctioneer, and with a busy social life, I must be able to bring my A-game every single day. Lonicera Lift gives me the mental focus, clarity, stamina, and physical energy my schedule demands. Lift is a must for me, and who doesn't need a Lift?"


Florida, USA

"I have a thyroid condition that hinders my energy and sleep quality. After just a few short days taking Lonicera Lift in the morning, I feel like I can function at normal levels again. My brain is more alert and my quality of sleep has improved. I feel much more rested when I wake up in the morning. Lift is proving to be very helpful in so many ways!"


California, USA

"I'm a fulltime mama of three boys. I'm also a full-time, essential worker for the US Postal Service and since I started taking these supplements I’ve noticed my immune system seems optimized. They also give me the energy and focus to help get through a busy day. They have also helped with digestive issues I’ve wrestled with. I Love these products!"


Northern Ireland

"Since starting on Modexus Lift, I have seen an enormous spike in my energy levels. This enables me to train better, for longer, which is great for my preparation of upcoming tournaments. An added bonus is, I no longer suffer from headaches associated with other pre-workout formulas and now I also sleep much better!"


California, USA

"I feel like these products have saved my life! I have struggled with fatigue and literally could not wake up some days, just sleep. I now have more energy and able to be a healthy, happy mama!"


Pennsylvania, USA

"I am a working mother of two special needs children, Director of a non-profit organization, and have a professional background in Sports Health. I also have an extensive out of state travel schedule and constantly on the run. My day are quite long, stressful, and require optimal performance both mentally and physically. Lonicera Lift has made a huge difference in my daily production and I love that it is clean, no sugar, no artificial ingredients, and is cutting edge science. Lift will continue to be a part of my daily routine!"


Indiana, USA

"I was having issues with trigger fingers and shoulder pain caused by a long career of hairdressing. Happy to say my shoulder pain is gone and the trigger finger issue has all but disappeared. Relieve for me, has been a HUGE WIN in managing pain."


Virginia, USA

"After an appointment with my chiropractor, I still had neck and back pain. Two Relieve capsules allowed me to sleep much better. The next day I was 85% pain-free, took 2 more capsules and have been virtually pain-free since then. This is absolutely amazing for me!"


Virginia, USA

"Waking up to back pain is NEVER fun, but Relieve has helped tremendously. Less than an hour after taking two capsules, the pain eases up and eventually fades away leading to a GREAT Day"


Texas, USA

"I injured my left shoulder and the pain was excruciating. I could barely lift my arm, and the pain meds I was taking were not working well. When Relieve arrived, I immediately took two capsules and four hours later, took two more. The pain was at a minimum, now only taking 2 per day, pain is hardly noticeable."


Michigan, USA

"With the ever-changing Michigan weather, old football and work injuries flare up causing aches and pains. I’ve been recently experiencing some hip discomfort when I wake up in the morning. I decided to try Relieve. I take 4 capsules and 8oz water upon rising and in 30 minutes or so, the aching eases and I am much more comfortable!"


Texas, USA

"I recently underwent major surgery. Because of my sensitivity to anesthesia and pain meds, I decided to forego and take Relieve. Within 24, hours my pain was under control. Not only has this product continued to replace narcotics through my recovery, I’ve had no side effects. My surgeon was stunned at the speed of my wound healing!"

Denny Brady

Indiana, USA

"As an athlete most of my life, collegiate and professional, I've had several injuries and surgeries. I was fortunate to try Relieve during the beta testing. It has helped me tremendously with nagging aches and pains related to years of competitive and recreational sports. - 1964 Indiana Mr. Basketball Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame"


Louisiana, USA

"I enjoy exercising by riding my bike but occasionally overdo it resulting in back pain which affects my sleep. Recently I woke up with bad back pain, I took 2 Relieve capsules, went back to bed, and within 10-15 minutes my pain had eased and I fell off into a deep sleep. I’ve also used it for other aches and pains with success."


Pennsylvania, USA

"I’ve been dealing with nagging pain, which interrupts my sleep. I took 2 capsules before bed and during the night realized my pain had eased. I definitely slept much better and also enjoyed a pain-free morning. Then, a bad headache emerged in the afternoon, took two capsules, and in about 20 minutes it made a significant difference!"


Connecticut, USA

"I recently slipped, twisting my ankle and was in a lot of pain. I reached for my bottle of Relieve. About an hour later, I got up and unbelievably I had NO pain! My son recently slipped on a run and twisted his ankle. Ibuprofen wasn’t working. He agreed to try Relieve. Less than an hour later he said to me, “what is in those capsules”? The pain is gone!"


Michigan, USA

"As a cancer survivor working through physical therapy, I experienced a variety of aches and pains. I agreed to try Relieve for pain thinking it would help without side effects. Being a very active 80 year old, full use of my hands is everything. I work with my hands. Thanks to this product, my hands are pain-free."

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